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Protecting the value of financial investments with sustainability assessments
Now even the Dutch central bank clearly reports* that climate change, water stress, raw material scarcity, biodiversity loss and human rights controversies present risks to the financial sector, institutional investors worldwide are looking for ways to safeguard the value of their investments through sustainability analyses. But how can you do that?
The 2018 Handbook for Product Social Metrics is available now!
Product social metrics, also known as social life cycle assessment (social LCA), is the next frontier in life cycle thinking. For products and services to be truly sustainable, it is important that companies minimise both their negative impacts on the environment and on people. The Roundtable of Product Social Metrics, providing guidance for companies wanting to measure their social impacts, is proud to announce the 2018 edition of the Handbook for Product Social Impact Assessment.
Sustainability in 2017- Are We at a Tipping Point to Become Mainstream?
As we are nearing the end of the year, we’d like to reflect on how sustainability initiatives have progressed in 2016. What is the state of the art in sustainability for business? And what can we look forward to in sustainability in 2017?
Phase 3 Of The Roundtable For Product Social Metrics
Back in 2013, PRé and seven frontrunner companies developed a vision to create a standardised and trusted methodology to assess the social impacts of products. Creating such a product social impact assessment methodology together would avoid the drawbacks of each company developing its own methodology. Two years later, the Roundtable for Product Social Metrics has reached its third phase.
Bad Labor Footprint | Social Impacts in the Supply Chain
As many products are being exported to other countries, and as the products that we consume are often produced elsewhere, the question arises: “How does consumption relate to bad labor conditions around the globe?”. Laura Golsteijn, Technical Analyst for PRé, contributed to the development of the new study: “Bad Labor Footprint”. In this article, she explains how the study offers a new perspective on how to account for the social impacts of globalization.
Social Sustainability – Integrating Measurements Of The Intangible
Your company is developing systems for gathering and using environmental data. Your insight into your products’ environmental footprints and impacts is growing. Where to look next? This article discusses getting started with product social footprinting.
PRé at NewMetrics ‘14 Panel Dives Into #SocialFootprint Approach for Ensuring Product Sustainability
Thursday September 25th, the second afternoon at Sustainable Brands’ New Metrics ’14 conference, featured a follow-up deep dive session into the topic of one of the morning’s well-received plenary presentations — how to quantify a product’s “social footprint” as a next step in assessing sustainability.
How Understanding Your Products’ Social Footprints Helps Your Business Create Value
Many global standards and guidance documents exist that allow companies to investigate impacts at an organisational level. Although these initiatives have many benefits, they provide limited guidance for companies to assess the social impacts of products in a more comprehensive and harmonised way.
How to Innovate for Sustainability in Product and Business Model Alike
The Sustainable Brands London conference will serve as the center of gravity for companies that are committed to leveraging sustainable innovation as a driver of business and brand value. Learn how companies like yours are measuring and managing Social Sustainability by partnering with PRe, the company at the forefront of sustainability metrics for more than twenty years
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