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Protecting the value of financial investments with sustainability assessments
Now even the Dutch central bank clearly reports* that climate change, water stress, raw material scarcity, biodiversity loss and human rights controversies present risks to the financial sector, institutional investors worldwide are looking for ways to safeguard the value of their investments through sustainability analyses. But how can you do that?
97% of collected e-waste recycled for useful applications
The recovery of materials and energy from waste can lead to considerable environmental and economic benefits. In addition, the proper removal and destruction of refrigerants in cooling and freezing appliances can make a large contribution towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In the Netherlands, one organisation is making a difference.
PRé and BRE develop LINA 2.0 - Tool for compliant EPD with EN15804
LINA is a tool that enables companies and trade associations to assess their products in line with EN 15804, the European Standard for Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for construction products. LINA 2.0 is an enhanced version that makes it even easier to comply with standards for the construction sector.
3D printing guarantees efficiency. Myth or not?
As a science-based method, LCA is an excellent tool to bust the myths that surround sustainability. In this monthly series, we look at some common sustainability ideas to see if they are myth or true. In today’s episode of Sustainability Mythbusters: Is 3D printing the efficiency miracle solution everyone says it is?
Measuring The Environmental Footprint Of Organisations In The PEF Initiative
In 2013, the European Commission started testing the environmental footprint rules in what is known as the environmental footprint (PEF) pilot phase. However, this pilot phase contains more than just PEF. Although the focus is predominantly on the product level (24 out of 26 pilots), this 3-year initiative also aims to test the development of environmental footprint rules for organisations. In this article, I will briefly describe the organisational environmental footprint (OEF) in the European Commission’s initiative.
Stop Showing The Money, Start Sharing The Values
There are so many initiatives to measure natural, social and sustainable capital that you would almost trip over them. At a recent sustainability congress, a researcher stated that they had identified over 60 methods for measuring sustainability. And that’s probably not even all. There seem to be over 130 initiatives worldwide.
Coming soon: Sustainability Mythbusters
The relevance and popularity of sustainability has increased tremendously over the last decade. Where sustainability was initially a topic for a small group of change makers, now it’s firmly in the mainstream. Unfortunately, that also means a large number of myths have sprung up around it.
Measuring sustainability. Part I: the basics of a sustainability index
This is the first article in a series that will explore in more detail the ins and outs of creating a sound, useful, and robust sustainability index for your organisation.
Blending Big Data and Sustainability Business Goals to Improve Your Positive Impact
Big data is heralded as the next frontier for discovery, innovation, competition, and productivity. As sustainability experts, we can learn from that to use sustainability data to (co-)create shared value with new products and business models.
Understanding the landscape for sustainability metrics
A sustainable future for your organization starts by understanding your business’s sustainability landscape. In this article Simon Evitts explains how to start with an integration roadmap and a sustainability metrics SWOT analysis.
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