Caspar Honée

'Creating software for measurable impacts’
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"Making sustainable development objectives operational is not necessarily a straightforward task. Many factors are involved. How, for instance, do we measure what is green and what is not? Life cycle assessment is a scientifically supported method to address such questions. IT works as an enabler, making it faster to do LCAs and provide value for your products and services.

At PRé, I can contribute to IT solutions that provide structure and a pallet of sustainability performance indicators. My aim is to produce comprehensive tools that equip you to measure sustainability performance and make informed choices more easily. Our software is recognized as a world-class life cycle assessment solution. If you have any questions or remarks, don’t hesitate to drop me a line! Together we can make it even better."
As product owner, Caspar is responsible for the creation of software tools that deliver maximum value to PRé and our clients and apply PRe’s vision and innovation to the challenges and needs of our clients and stakeholders.

Caspar uses his training and experience to create tools that further the sustainability agendas of major industries, trade organisations, and research and education institutes.

Caspar has extensive work experience in IT, sustainability, LCA, and project management. He studied Technical Business Administration in the Netherlands, and Environmental Engineering with a specialisation in LCA in Sweden. Before joining PRé, he worked as an independent eco-design consultant.
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