Metrics Delivery | Expert LCA Knowledge to Measure Sustainability Performance

If you want fact-based sustainability business goals, PRé can provide you with a targeted framework of metrics, review your currently used sustainability metrics, increase product transparency, and help you determine the best ways to measure or communicate your performance.


Measuring Performance – Your Impacts

Follow in the footsteps of leading companies in sustainability, who adopted a life cycle approach to measure their performance. PRé can advise you on the implementation of several international frameworks based on Life Cycle Management, such as:

Learn more about Life Cycle Assessment and LCA methodology.


Reviewing Metrics – Your Current Approach

Reviewing the sustainability metrics your organisation works with will help ensure that they are robust and fit-for-purpose. PRé can also review your LCA studies according to several international standards.


Communicating Performance - Your Impacts and Achievements

PRé can support you in communicating the environmental performance of your products. That includes tailoring your communication strategies and channels to your goals and target audience. We support several reporting formats, and will help you determine which best serves your purpose. 


Expert Knowledge - At the Forefront of Life Cycle Assessment

For more than 25 years, PRé has been at the forefront of LCA. Our consultants have extensive training and experience in conducting LCA studies and are renowned for their expertise in specific topics, such as impact assessment, uncertainty, normalisation, toxicity, social sustainability and databases. Our founder Mark Goedkoop played a pivotal role in the development of the science of LCA, and has been awarded a Life Time Achievement Award for his accomplishments. PRé has contributed to many LCA research and development projects, you can find a shortlist in the overview of our scientific publications.


Metrics Integration - Make fact-based choices to implement sustainable practices

Metrics Pioneering - Sustainable innovation: embrace the transition



If you are looking for expert advice on concrete issues around sustainability, please contact Laura Golsteijn for more information.

A major jewellery manufacturer wanted to conduct life cycle assessments (LCA) for two popular metal rings to gain additional insight into its supply chain and establish baselines for comparison to similar products. Through these LCA studies, our client created a benchmark for comparison, gained an understanding of the relative impact of metals sourced from different global regions and discovered the importance of the retail stage.

Life Cycle Assessment, Luxury Jewelry Manufacturer


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