Software to measure and improve the impact of your product life cycle

At PRé Sustainability, we develop software and tools to help you make your sustainability goals measurable and actionable. We are the developers of the world's leading LCA software, SimaPro, and offer custom tools that can be tailored to your business needs. All of our efforts are focused on helping you use facts to create value from sustainability, and drive sustainable change.


The SimaPro Family

SimaPro is the professional tool you need to collect sustainability data and to analyse and monitor the sustainability performance of your company’s products and services. You can use SimaPro for life cycle assessment, sustainability reporting, carbon and water footprinting, product design, generating environmental product declarations, determining key performance indicators, and much more.


SimaPro was developed to help you drive change – to help you gather facts and use your LCA expertise to provide the insights needed to create sustainable value. We offer a variety of licences with no hidden costs to fit a wide range of business and educational needs.


SimaPro has been the world’s leading LCA software package for 25 years. It is trusted by industry and academics in more than 80 countries.


Custom Tools

PRé also offers custom software consulting, for projects with requirements that the tools in the SimaPro family cannot meet. We can develop a completely customised tool that produces the results you are looking for.


Having PRé develop a tailor-made tool can be done quickly, thanks to our approach that combines standardisation and customisation. The development process will include close collaboration, involving your end users from the start. This way of working ensures that we produce a reliable solution that is fully tailored to your needs and provides an excellent user experience.


Contact us

If you would like to know more about our custom software options, please contact Eric Mieras or click the 'contact button' below. If you would like to see which SimaPro licences are available, please visit the  SimaPro website.


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“PRé was able to make complicated methodological concepts very clear for non-experts, which was really useful when they moderated the group of stakeholders, with different levels of understanding of LCA. This resulted in common understanding and team focus on the shared goals. PRé uses a pragmatic approach, keeping things practical and elegant, but basing their work on really robust, scientific methodology.” 

Jodie Bricout, Development Manager CAP’EM.
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