Social Footprint Programme: Gain Insight

In this step, you establish which social issues your stakeholders consider relevant for your company. You’ll measure the social footprint of your products and gain insight from the results.

For whom

Sustainability Managers, Product Managers


About the service

PRé will consult with your internal and external stakeholders to identify which social topics they consider most relevant for your company. In addition, PRé will assist you in measuring the social footprint of your products.


What you will learn

You’ll gain insight into the positive and negative impacts of your product, so you can identify points of excellence, improvement opportunities and potential risks. You’ll learn how to measure the social impact your product has on workers, consumers and communities.


With these insights, you will be able to:

  • Compare the social performance of different products or different life cycle stages.
  • Support decision-making in a variety of departments, e.g. supply chain management, product development, waste management, risk assessment, community investments, marketing and communications.


Book a Consultation | Request more information

Contact João Fontes to book a consultation or to request more information. If you book your first social footprinting support session, you receive a reduced rate on in-house training for your team.


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