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Metrics integration | You can only improve what you can measure. Increase the sustainable performance of your processes and products with fact-based sustainable practices. Look beyond material and energy savings and find out exactly what is relevant for your business. Your sustainable practices will help you save costs and deliver exactly the insights you need to create value and improve, improve, improve.

Building sustainable practices

Investing in sustainable practices is a great way to support your long-term goals. Applying life cycle management, we'll start out by determining your goals, ambitions and concerns. How is your business performing on sustainability right now? Where do you want to be in the future? From this, we will help you select the right sustainable metrics for your company.


Of course, changing business practices is not always easy. We'll be in your corner to build your new ways of working. Supporting and training your staff and help your people make better decisions. Realistic, science-based goals and targets, supported by your new sustainable practices.​


Metrics integration services

The sustainable practices you may choose are highly customised, based on your situation, goals, and priorities. However, there are some general themes:


Learn more about life cycle management and life cycle thinking.


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Do you want to know what is truly relevant ​for developing sustainable practices? Contact Eric Mieras, PRé managing director, to discuss the consulting programmes, training and tools that will help you meet your sustainability goals. 

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"PRé has supported us expertly throughout the process of establishing our harmonised sector approach and the creation of the guidance documents, acting in a complex environment involving actors both in Europe and the USA. We appreciate PRé’s open and communicative approach and highly recommend their services."

Mark Macaré, Public Affairs Manager, FINAT
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Eric Mieras
Eric Mieras
Managing Director
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