Sustainability Performance Indicators

The challenge many companies face is to condense large amounts of environmental, economic and social information into a limited number of key indicators.

Sustainability Performance Indicators


Select the right information: sustainability performance indicators

Sustainability performance indicators (SPIs) or sustainable development indicators are used to measure a company’s performance and to monitor and report on future progress. SPIs can be grouped in three areas covering either the economic, environmental or social aspects of sustainability.

  • Economic performance indicators: company turnover, profit, quantity of products sold, etc.
  • Social performance indicators: labor practices, human rights, and broader issues affecting consumers, community, and other stakeholders in society.
  • Environmental performance indicators (KePI): greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, waste output, etc.


Expert strategic help

A number of current initiatives, like the reporting guidelines Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and CSR Europe, recommends sets of broadly similar but not identical indicators.


Our experienced sustainability consultancy team can assist you in the selection and use of key environmental performance indicators as well as provide expertise on social and economic performance indicators. We also provide training on sustainability reporting.


  • Read the UNETO-VNI case study » where we did a life cycle assessment of LED lighting systems to determine key environmental performance indicators


Together we define solid SPIs – well-chosen sustainable indicators to match your organisation’s values, ensure that your goals remain realistic and achieve a sustainable return on investment.


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